Welcome to the RadGen Certificate Program

The RadGen Module Certificate Program consists of 7 online activities that are designed to be completed consecutively. Although not mandatory, we encourage you to gather a group of friends or colleagues to complete the modules - this way, you can share and discuss your results - and help each other.

These modules are based on the Venture Development Program that all the SheEO Ventures selected for funding work though in their funding/development year with SheEO.

The focus of these learning modules is to better understand your unique entrepreneurial talents, negotiating styles, unique change-making opportunity, and more -- including how to create support for your work and ask for help from your new network of hundreds of radically generous womxn.

After completing this certificate program, you'll better understand yourself; figure out where you can best create change; have an idea for how to turn that passion and social issue into a business opportunity; and get started advocating for yourself and building yourself a support network SO THAT YOU'RE EQUIPPED TO SUCCEED, on your own terms.

Check out an overview of the modules, and GET STARTED by completing the preliminary survey below!

Module 1: SheEO Mindset

According to research, successful entrepreneurs have a mindset made up of seven factors (achievement, focus, autonomy, optimism, magnetism, internal locus of control and resilience). This quiz will help you identify your strengths and give you practices to build up your world-changing, SheEO mindset.

Venture feature: Emily Bland, SucSeed

Module 2: Entrepreneurial Thinking Strengths

A critical element of your success is understanding what your natural thinking strengths are. This module focuses on identifying your entrepreneurial thinking talents and provides activities to strengthen them.

Venture feature: Toni Desrosiers, Abeego

Module 3: Negotiation Styles

This module helps you understand your negotiating style so you can navigate different personalities and situations in order to achieve your goals.

Module 4: Imagine Yourself as a SheEO

Using the Japanese model of “Ikigai”, meaning reason for being, this module helps you explore your future as a SheEO.

Venture features: Patrice Mousseau, Satya Organics; Nadia Hamilton, Magnusmode; Hayley Mullins, Sleepbelt

Module 5: Growth Mindset

This module focuses on developing a growth mindset, the ability to interpret your experiences from a lens of learning and growth vs a fixed mindset, and how to get free of the negative self-judgment lens.

Feature: Vicki Saunders, SheEO Founder

Module 6: Getting Support

Asking for help is one of the biggest challenges for most people. This module makes asking for help easier and sets you up to recognize that you have more support around you than you think.

Venture feature: Erin Millar, The Discourse

Module 7: Audacious Asks

Asking for help in an effective way to get what you want is a practice and a muscle we all can keep building up over time. This module will give you some amazing tools to get better at asking for help.

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