Imagine Yourself as a SheEO

Module 4

Imagine Yourself as a SheEO.mp4

SheEO Ventures - Hayley Mullins, Co-Founder of Sleepbelt, Patrice Mousseau, Founder of Satya Organics and Nadia Hamilton, Founder of Magnusmode

Using the Japanese model of “Ikigai”, meaning reason for being, this session will help you explore your future as a SheEO.


    1. Watch the video above and meet SheEO Ventures, Hayley Mullins, Co-Founder of Sleepbelt; Patrice Mousseau, Founder of Satya Organics and Nadia Hamilton, Founder of Magnusmode!
    2. Use the link in your Module 3 follow-up email to complete the A Reason for Being Exercise
    3. Once submitted, you'll receive an email from with your results and Takeaway Activities to complete before moving onto Module 5
    4. Reflect on what you learnt about yourself
    5. Refer back to this page for deeper explanations, takeaway activities and resources

Please note: you must complete Module 3 in order to receive a link to the Module 4 exercise


Japanese Concept meaning “Reason for Being”

Takeaway Activities

  1. Notice which events or issues in the news or in your community capture your attention and imagine how (if success was guaranteed) you would solve the problem.
  2. Go back to your thinking strengths and think about what you love to do and consider how you would apply these talents to solving the issues you’ve identified.
  3. Listen to The Story Exchange Podcast and share with a trusted friend or adult a story that inspired you.
  4. Complete, if you haven’t, the Ikigai model and post on your wall as a reminder of your unique purpose and mission.

To Go Deeper

Listen To


    • 5 Tips for the Mission Driven Entrepreneur
    • The Power of Unreasonable People by Pamela Hartigan
    • The Third Wave: An Entrepreneurs Vision of the Future by Steve Case
    • How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas by David Bornstein
    • Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie