Getting the Support Your Need

Module 6

Getting Support.mp4

SheEO Venture - Erin Millar, Founder of the Discourse

Asking for help is one of the biggest challenges for most people. This session makes asking for help easy and sets you up to recognize that you have more support around you all the time than you think.


This module is best done with a group of people - so gather a few of your friends to complete!

    1. Watch the video above and meet SheEO Venture, Erin Millar of the Discourse!
    2. Use the link in your Module 5 follow-up email to access and complete the Module 6 Activity
    3. If you're with a group, go around one at a time and share what kind of help you are looking for in the whole group and how that went for you. How can you support and resource one another? Can anyone think of connections that might lead you to the help you are looking for? Add them to your map
    4. Once submitted, you'll receive an email from with your results and Takeaway Activity to complete before moving onto Module 7
    5. Refer back to this page for the takeaway activity and resources

Please note: you must complete Module 5 in order to receive a link to the Module 6 Activity

Mind Map

Takeaway Activity

Before moving on to Module 7, ask people in your inner circle to connect you to people who might be able to give you what you need.